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Second Chance Magazine has additional resources to not only help you overcome your past, but also get on the right path to a happy and secure future.

To be truly healthy, physically and mentally, you have to consider factors that not only include healthy diets, but also healthy relationships and how to break negative or even harmful habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and illegal drug use. With our helpful articles, you’ll receive the advice needed to go from unhealthy, to peak optimal health and well-being that benefits you and the ones you love most.

  • Jobs- Finding employment can be difficult we give you the tips and tools you need to find a job that fits your financial needs.
  • Money Matters- You'll find essential tips and strategies to improve your credit and manage your money
  • Relationships- We offer the best advice on how to repair broken relationships.
Criminal Justice

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Keeping up to date with the current events, is not only entertaining and eye opening, but it has now become an essential task that we all must take part in. With Second Chance Magazine you'll find news stories that allow you to learn, get involved and form your own opinion of what this world needs to gain peace and cooperation.

We even offer life hacks that are guaranteed to make everyday tasks such as work duties,  traveling, saving money, and building new relationships way easier and far less stressful.

Very well done and Educative, Very Impressive.
Phil Alfaro
Virtualia Network
An amazing magazine, I'm really impressed.
Samuel Fair
Georgia Probation and Parole
Wow, this magazine is amazing.
Dr. Anne Wade, Ph.D.
Criminal Justice Professor, Rockingham College

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About The Magazine

Second Chance Magazine is a publication focused on providing its readers, valuable resources for reentry and recovery. It was founded by Larry M. Anderson and has an eye-opening mission to bring the topic of Criminal Justice Reform, its challenges and successes, into the nation’s spotlight.

Along with this, Second Chance Magazine is a source of help for those who have had their lives and their family’s lives turned upside down by felonies and bad choices. In it, readers will find up to date reentry services, programs, and the tools needed for personal and career development. It also features inspirational articles that serve as daily sources of inspiration for everyday living and growth.

With these attributes, Second Chance Magazine hopes to expand its reach by partnering with some of the nation’s top second chance programs. In conjunction with these programs, we will be able to host job readiness, business, and career development workshops for those doing everything in their power to live successfully and productive for themselves and their families.